I have been writing articles describing different ways that I use group whiteboards in class. This page will serve as a collection of that information for handy use. It is a work in progress right now, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

My Articles

Here are the posts that I’ve written (or plan to write) about whiteboarding so far.

Other Resources

If you don’t know about the whiteboards at all, you can start with Frank’s post on the $2 interactive whiteboard.

Gary Abud has a nice post called Making Thinking Visible on his blog with several modes of whiteboarding and tons of resources and references.

A page of resources from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

8 thoughts on “Whiteboarding

  1. Thanks for the speed dating post. I used it today with my calculus class as they are struggling with the chain rule. They worked through a problem with a set of data to graph, then to determine a sin function that fit the graph, take the derivative, graph it, and use the derivative to analyze their original curve – to locate where it was rising fastest and falling fastest.
    I was very impressed with how well it fosters good communication – within the pair, and the written notes left on the whiteboard as they moved around. If the problem was part of an assignment, they would have bailed and left it to ask about next day in class. In speed dating, they worked through it on their own – ALL of them, without whining. Very cool.

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